The idea for Piumosso started many years ago, when I was a fresh Master's graduate. I had just finished my studies in Düsseldorf and moved to the south of Germany where I got a job in a church choir. The choir was planning it's 120th anniversary concert when I was hired. The repertoire had been chosen, sponsors had been found, the choir and the community were excited, but I had no orchestra to accompany the choir at the concert and, as someone new to the area, I knew no musicians to contact.

Recognizing the challenge of building a network in the music industry, we realized the potential for innovation and the increasing digitalization of the field. We aim to create a platform that connects orchestra managers and conductors with a larger pool of musicians, facilitating communication, document exchange, and scheduling. Our validated business model has gained recognition, including an award from the H_Ventures incubator program. We believe in technology as a valuable tool and invite you to share your challenges and help us find solutions in this area.

Renata Bueno Tavares, Founder


Piumosso is composed in Berlin and Stockholm